Freedom Opportunity Reliability Choice And Equality

About Us is an organization founded by Joseph Wang (a Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiast, advocate and believer with great passion in this new technology, he’s also an entrepreneur, the current founder and CEO of  Joseph Wang was born and raised in China in the mid 70s, during his early childhood he experienced extreme poverty in a small rural village of Northeastern China located in the vicinity of JiLin Province near its capital city of ChangChun called XiaoBaJiaZi. Lord has given him the opportunity to immigrate to America on October 27th 1989, and his life completely changed with years of hard work in the land of the free, and he’s now ready to give back in the name of our lord with all his grace and honor.In 2014 Joseph discovered Bitcoin at a CES show in Las Vegas, ever since he has seen the potential of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, he has strong belief that this technology can bring huge impact to this world especially in developing countries where financial infrastructures are weak or limited. Joseph wants to take this new opportunity to the people in need the most. After a few years of working in the Crypto space, his idea of promoting ryptocurrency and Blockchain to a new level came to

fruition, finally in June of 2017 during a trip to New York, he reserved the domain in New York Central Park, domain was born and now in full motion moving forward to deliver to the world. has only one mission, that is to bring freedom, opportunity, reliability choice and equality (FORCE) to the rest of the world especially in developing countries, to the unbanked who need it the most, giving these people a fair chance to better their lives, improving the chances bettering their living standards, by connecting them financially to the rest of the world, also relieve them from corruption and exploitation.  Connecting more people financially with cryptocurrency and the blockchain. is currently funded by and we’ll be soon opening a transparent way of receiving donations in the form of crypto first, maybe fiat later if needed, and all funds received will be used towards this project. We are looking forward to partnering with other organizations to collaborate to move this project towards greater success.

Plan Of Execution And Strategies

Plan of execution and strategies

Seeking and hiring educators in 3rd world countries through the use of Youtube, Social Media, and networking. Funding to advertise in colleges, conferences, tech clubs, making documentary movies, and planting the seeds and idea of crypto & blockchain into the minds of the educated group of people first, connect them to online peer to peer marketplaces accepting cryptocurrencies, showing them how to earn free cryptocurrencies in different ways, and encourage these people to influence their locals and social circle of people to keep the words spreading. Attending conferences and events to promote these ideas, making documentary videos, get real people involved on the network to benefit from.

Why CryptoForAll?

 Bitcoin to me fits that famous quote by Abraham Lincoln as in Government (Crypto) of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. Bitcoin is a FORCE which is our slogan that stands for Freedom Opportunity Reliability Choice & Equality. Ever since the existence of central banking dates back as early as the 7th century or the most recent Federal reserve banking system in 1913, the money creation and monetary policies has been in controlled by the few, on January 10th of 2009, the world has changed because the first Bitcoin block called the genesis block was found that day, the new crypto money Bitcoin was born. Money creation is no longer by the few but can be by all the people around the world who runs a Bitcoin mining minting computer. That brings FORCE to reality.

Why Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain?

A old quote that seem to be so gut wrenching “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” is no longer the case since the inception of Bitcoin. A paradigm shift was born.  Bitcoin is network of people, decentralized people around the globe, it symbolizes sovereignty, freedom, prosperity, equality, money of choice, alternatives to participate, real wealth without corrosion, and subject to nobody’s control but yourself.  So let’s work hand in hand and promote crypto to the core and make those who are in dire need of financial services in the 3rd world countries with little or no financial access or completely cut out of the developed nations finally having a chance to be included. This is why if you are a believer in crypto, then you should promote crypto.

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